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All of Hong Kong: From the back alleys of Kowloon to Victoria’s Peak…and a Tailor

First, I would like to apologise for the delay, we just got our internet hooked up on the ship.  As you reading this, we are actually cruising the South China Sea on our way to Hanoi.  I will post Day Two in Hong Kong a little later today, and then get us back on track.  […]

Sorry for the lack of posts

Hey folks, we are currently sailing in the South China Sea and just go to out internet set up. I will begin uploading my posts very soon. Sorry for the delay. There is a lot to share however.

Two iPad photos…better pics coming soon.

From PHL to HKG: First Time Flyers, The Refuge, The Screaming Baby, and Hotel Upgrade.

So, here I am in Hong Kong, the Dorsett Hotel in Mongkok. It’s a short distance from here to the ship at the Ocean Terminal. Now first know, if I mess up, it’s because I have been traveling for 24 hours just to get here. Also, I do have pictures, and I will post them […]

The Adventure Begins…

Today was the first day of my travel adventure, not because I begin to physically travel, but all of my paperwork arrived.  I now have my cabin number, hotel reservations in Hong Kong for one night, and our first change to the itinerary.  If you have been watching the world news, you may be aware […]