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We just docked in Cambodia

We just docked in Cambodia. I plan to get out and look around, then sort out what to do for the day. Francis plans to spend part of the day at the beach. I’m not really a beach person. Ah, what will the day bring?

Ho Chi Minh City: Temples to Buddha and Uncle Ho

Our heads were still swimming from the experiences of the previous day.  Sitting on the shuttle bus from the ship to HCMC, we wondered what adventures My and Khoa had planned for us.  Arriving in town near the Tax Trade Centre, My was waiting.  We began with a nice stroll through the old heart of […]

Ho Chi Minh City: Saigon to Cho Lon

I wish that I knew where to begin with Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).  The fact is, we had three full days here and everything is swimming in my brain.  I never would have thought that I would say that I want to come back to HCMC, but I would and I do.  This is […]

No I Have Not Forgotten to Write

Francis and. I have just spent Three amazing days in Ho Chi Minh City. Today, we went to the tunnels of Cu Chi, which were fascinating and scary as hell. I cannot wait to write all about this great city. Tomorrow, we depart our dock at 3:00pm local time. We will then have a day […]

Ho Chi Minh City

We had an AMAZING time in Ho Chi Minh City. I will be posting a story soon. But, this city is really rather impressive. Just crossing the street is an experience of a lifetime, and I am not exaggerating.

Da Nang: The Beauty of the Marble Mountain

If someone asked me, “When did you fall in love with Viet Nam?”  My reply would be, in Da Nang.  I feared being sad of arriving in Da Nang.  I know just to much about the events that occurred here in 1974 that would prove to be the early days of the fall of the […]

We just reached Da Nang

Good morning folks. We just reached the dock in Chan May, which is north of Da Nang. We will post a story once we have one. Francis has already done two shows to great applause.

Vietnam: Ha Long City Centre…A Royal Amusement Park: Part Two

After a safe lunch on board the ship, Francis and set out again to explore this port, still wondering what prompted Crystal to bring us here.  We decided to follow the directions that the local tourism person had given us originally.  Reaching the shore in the tender, we were again approached by the locals trying […]

Vietnam: Ha Long City Center…with a bag of blood: Part One

I don’t know what could have prepared me for our morning arrival in Viet Nam.  I grew up at a time when Americans were raised to hate Viet Nam, that it was a place of bad things.  This still didn’t deter me from wanting to see what it actually is today, but I have to […]

All of Hong Kong: Hitting our peak and looking for pirates

(PLEASE NOTE: if you have not read Day One in Hong Kong, you will want to scroll down and begin there first.  I know that they appear out of order here on the homepage, but that is because we did not have internet until this morning.  I’m posting them in proper order.  I hope that […]