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Why I Am Not Afraid of Ebola in the US

I believe that I have very intelligent friends; I really do.  But, over the last few days, I have been very sad over things that have been posted to some of my friends Facebook pages.  The topic has been Ebola.  This is a scary topic for people, especially if you are watching the fear mongers […]

My Dad is a Hero

My dad is a hero. When people read that sentence, they may think that I am referring to his eight Air Medals and Two Bronze Stars that he earned during his 11 months stationed in the Highlands of Viet Nam between 1966-67. Others may think that I am referring to his many years as a […]

Waiting for More!

So, I have been contacted by a bunch of people asking for me to write more.  Well, I guess I know what I need to do.  I need to write.  I am therefore letting you all know that I plan to begin again.  Yes, I know that I still owe you all Singapore; but, to […]

We just docked in Cambodia

We just docked in Cambodia. I plan to get out and look around, then sort out what to do for the day. Francis plans to spend part of the day at the beach. I’m not really a beach person. Ah, what will the day bring?

Sorry for the lack of posts

Hey folks, we are currently sailing in the South China Sea and just go to out internet set up. I will begin uploading my posts very soon. Sorry for the delay. There is a lot to share however.